Ultra Extreme Low (5LW UXL310)

Ultra Extreme Low (5LW UXL310)

Fujifilm Prescale reveals pressure distribution and magnitude between any two contacting surfaces. Pressure Range 0.87 – 7.3 PSI. Fujifilm Prescale is a thin sensor film that instantaneously and permanently captures a pressure profile “snapshot” by virtue of its “changing color.” Conceptually similar to Litmus paper, the color Fujifilm Prescale turns is directly proportional to the amount of force applied. Pressure Range 0.87 – 7.3 PSI (0.06 – 0.51 kg/cm2)

ROLL DIMENSIONS:  12.2 in. 6.6 ft. (310 mm x 2 m)

Extreme Low

Pressure Range

0.87 – 7.3 PSI (0.06 – 0.51 kg/cm2)


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